Check Out These 5 Marble Tabletop Designs for Your Dining Table

Check Out These 5 Marble Tabletop Designs for Your Dining Table

Do you use your dining table just as a spot to eat food? 

Of course, not! 

You use your dining table for a myriad of other things. Family discussion, late-night chats, last-minute homework, and even a spot for office work on an odd day. 

Your dining table is worth a lot more than just a place to eat food. So, design your dining table as a focal point in your house. And you can use marble as a tabletop material. 

Whether you want to create a small round marble dining table or a 6-seater rectangular marble dining table, there are several marble designs to choose from. 

Here are 5 marble tabletop designs you can go for. 

Thick Marble Tabletop

There is a lot of beauty in dense and thick. In fact, probably sometimes more than slim and thin. You can always choose a thick marble tabletop, and don’t hesitate to go bulky. 

You can make a bold statement with a thick marble tabletop. Just make sure when you buy chairs for a thick marble tabletop, avoid ornate chairs. Instead, buy a slightly bulkier design.  

Pristine White

White marble tabletop never fails to impress people. This is especially beneficial if you are thinking of bringing in more light in your dining area. Although you can install the right lightings for living room and dining room to increase light, a marble table top also helps. 

White marble offers you a natural white color along with its smooth and shiny surface. This surface can reflect a lot of light, effectively lighting up the dining room. You can pair a pristine white marble tabletop with neutral and pastel-tone chairs. 

Experiment with New Tabletop Shapes

Rectangular and square are highly common shapes for dining tabletops. And it can eventually get boring to see these shapes. Hence, you can experiment with new tabletop shapes when using marble. 

You can get the marble cut in oval and round shapes. Round and oval shape tabletops will offer softness to your dining area. And will make it look more elegant and charming. 

Elegant and Sleek Design

Well, if you are not into thick, you are maybe into a slim and sleek design. You can find marble dining tabletops that are ultrathin and can be paired with ornate chairs effectively. Thin and sleek marble tabletops are great for spaces that are small and have limited lights. 

Textured Tabletops

Do you love grandiose yet simple dining tabletops? If so, textured marble tabletops are the best choice. 

This marble tabletop is sure to leave an impression on everyone. Textured marble tabletops are not too simple and not too glossy. They have the perfect balance of simplicity and grandiosity. 

Dining tables aren’t just boring furniture pieces. With the right marble tabletop design, you can make them interesting and create a focal point in your house. 

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