Browse our collection of the most comfortable mid century modern chairs for sale. Our selection of chairs includes dining chairs, armchairs, and fireside chairs, as well as many other great options. In a wide variety of styles, patterns, materials, and more, our mid-century chairs could fit into even the smallest spaces in your bedroom!

  1. Ariel Eyelet Dining Chair
    Ariel Eyelet Dining Chair
  2. Aubrey Armchair
    Aubrey Armchair
  3. Baltimore Dining Chair
    Baltimore Dining Chair
  4. Barcelona Bench 2 Seater Replica
    Barcelona Bench 2 Seater Replica
    Special Price $849.00 $1,949.00
  5. Barcelona Bench 3 Seater Replica
    Barcelona Bench 3 Seater Replica
    Special Price $1,499.00 $2,144.00
  6. Barcelona Chair Replica
    Barcelona Chair Replica
    Special Price $799.00 $3,899.00
  7. Ch25 Easy Chair
    Ch25 Easy Chair
    Special Price $999.00 $2,489.00
  8. Chambery Chair
    Chambery Chair
  9. Cigar Chair
    Cigar Chair
  10. Classic Cafe’ Dining Chair
    Classic Cafe’ Dining Chair
  11. Curved Boucle Chair Fabric
    Curved Boucle Chair Fabric
    Special Price $1,099.00 $1,699.00
  12. David Lounger
    David Lounger